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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Last Day at the CCM (August 4th, 2014)

Hey everyone,

Alrighty...so first off. When I got to the CCM in Madrid, they introduced me to my companion and other stuff.

His name is Elder Salazar, he is from Barcelona. It doesn't end there. My whole group of the Spanish native speakers are all from Spain. Except me, another American girl, and a girl from Guatemala. But, everyone else, the 5 missionaries including my companion are from Spain. So yeah, it was dope. And, I they had guesses of what I was nationality wise. I heard like South America...Brazilan, Ecuador, Spanish, and other guesses. But no one guessed the US and they didn´t believe me when I said I was from the US. And then they said...well you do sound American when you speak Spanish. And, they also asked where I learned to speak with a theta. And, I told them Iearned from watching Javier Bardem movies hahaha. And, they think its impressive that I picked up Spanish fast. I also have been way more fluent here...just these 2 weeks here alone in the CCM and also having all my classes in pure Castellano Spanish which is just beautiful and I feel like a beast for being able to hang with the Spaniards hahaha.

Anyways so yeah, the sun does not go down here until like 9PM. Which is so weird!!!! And, last week for P-Day I went to the Real Madrid Stadium and they're museum of soccer history. It was real cool. The best moment in there was runiing into Americans. And here is what happened, they spoke to me in Spanish and my companion and I looked at each other and laughed because they didn't think I was American like them. I answered their question in Spanish and I felt more like a beast since Americans even think I not American hahahah. I am going to attach a lot of pictures on this email for you guys to see stuff.

We also went proselyting in el parque retiro last Thursday which was awesome too.

Also, can someone please tell me what is going on with my Lakers and the NBA. Seriously, I am dying over here. Who is our coach?

And, I have already got used to dressing in slacks and a dress shirt. Its looks better like that on me hahaha.

I also met my mission president yesterday and he is a scary guy. We'll see how the mission goes hahaha.

I am also leaving tomorrow morning from the CCM and I will let you guys know how my mission will be and where I will be at.

Also, scripture of the week is Romans 16:16, look it up.

Well, I have to go...I love you all!!!!!!

-Elder Sal Galvan

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