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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Day 20, Week 4.... (August 11th, 2014)

Hey all,
I ma not sure what day I am on for my mission. I do know that it is the start of my fourth week. Technically my 2nd week being on the mission field. Before I continue writing, I want to make it real known that someone has to keep me updated on nba stuff....what's up HAHAHA!!!!
Anyways, I am going to try and include everything that has happened this past week.
First off, if anyone wants to send me anything or write letters to me, my mailing address is:

Spain Madrid Mission
Elder Sal Angel Galvan
Calle Fuerteventura, 4
Segunda Planta, Oficina 8B
San Sebastian de los Reyes
Madrid Spain

Second, I miss you guys. And, I remember that Monday when I took off on the plane and arrived in Spain. At first I just felt numb and scared. I couldn't believe that Spain was going to be my home for the next 2 years. It could've been so hard for me in the beginning, but, I was so blessed to be loved by the CCM workers there. I had such a great experience in the CCM of Spain  that when it finally came to leaving the CCM, it was so hard and sad. It brought back the sad feelings I felt right when I got there. I feel goo now, but, I really miss the CCM. The people there became my adopted family since my family are in SoCal. Man, it was so awesome.
My mission president is a cool guy. I thought  he was scary,  and he is not. His name is President Jackson. They told me that they have this new system created for new missionaries when they arrive in the Madrid airport since I got lost for hours hahaha. Sorry I forgot to tell you guys about that. I made it to the CCM alive though and there is a system now so no one gets lost thanks to me. Yeah!!!!!!!!!

So, thank the people from the Spain MTC (CCM) since they really helped me and were awesome to me. I will try to send more pics from there taken last week. And, I left my temple clothes behind by accident and so I went back today during P-day to pick it up. Man, it was so great being able to see everyone at the CCM. Those people are awesome, and hopefully I can keep in touch with them after my mission.
Moving on, so last Tuesday was the day I got transferred to a different area in Spain. I am here serving in the Madrid region in a city called Leganes. Spain has like 17 regions in theircountry which is similar to states. And, I am in the Madrid region. Leganes is just south of the city of Madrid. My companions are Elder Kunz and Elder Parkinson. Elder Kunz is from Texas and Elder Parkinson is from Utah. Elder Kunz got transferred this morning since working in trios is harder and Elder Parkinson needs to train me for my 12 week program. Elder Kunz also goes home in 10 days and Elder Parkinson has a year left in the mission. They are both studs and I get along with my companion.
Also, on my first personal study day, last Wednesday I cried reading 1 Nephi, chapter 8 because it reminded me of when I knew that the Book is true and how I felt the spirit testify to me. However, on that day Lehi tells his family to come follow him to the tree of life and that is where it hit me. I felt like Lehi and Lehi's family resembled my family. I just want to say how grateful I am for having Isaac being a member of the church. I pictured myself being in the vison as Lehi and I can see myself shouting to my famly to partake of the tree. And, Isaac became the 2nd person that chose to follow me. I don't want to get into that, but, I had a very spiritual study day thinking about how far I have come and how Isaac is preparing to serve a mission. One of the teachers at the CCM told me a story of how much he looks up to me and how he thinks its awesome that Isaac is going to serve a mission, and he was teary eyed. That teachers name is Hermano Montes and he told me that he wishes his younger brother would've served a mission like he did and thats why he loves me for my example and pressing forward and thinks Isaac and I are awesome.
As for the mission work, it is hard work. The Spaniards are super nice people, but, when I bring up religion...they say, "lo siento," or "hombre," and tell me they are not interested. They're nice all in all, I learned some Spanish phrases from them. Anyways, its all good. I thought it was so funny when some kid came up to us and said, "hecho mal," and we talked with him and gave him our number. And the Southern Spaniards all say, "Eso que lo que," whenever they don't understand what the gsopel is about hahaha or they say, "Eso que."
But hey, something super rad happened last week. We all met with this family that is in the Spanish military, Paul, Fernanda and their daughter angye who is 4. We taught them the Plan of Salvation. In the end, I asked them,"seguira el ejemplo de jesucristo al ser bautizado por alguien que posea la autoridad del sacerdocio de dios," and they got teary eyed and said yes. Their date is set for the 30th of August. Pray for them and I hope they continue progressing. They later fed us an awesome meal and we talked about stuff. I also shared with them how I was a convert and they were blown away and kept askingme how I did it and if I truly believe in the church and it was cool. I love that family, they are so awesome and I am happy for their daughter Angye.
Also, there is a fair going on in Leganes which is so awesome. It's like a Spanish OC Fair or something like that. I love walking around Spain to contact people. Its funny when they speak Spanish to us and don't want to hear about the Gospel. Some gypsies ran away from my compamion one time because they thought he was the police. And, the kids call us the secret police...I have no idea why.
And, yesterday was my first day in a Spanish chapel. The ward is dope. Someone forgot to show up for their talk and they asked the missionaries to introudce themselves. When I introduced myself, I told them where I was from and how I am learning Spanish. Then in the end I pumped up my fist like the Black power movement in the 1960's and some people in the ward were pumped by me. But, I fogot to end my testimony saying in the name of Jesus Christ because I was just in the moment hahahaha. Then after church, the Bishop callled me the Californian and shook my hand. And everyone in the ward keeps asking the same question over and ever, they say you don't look north american, where are your parents from. Then I tell them. And its  really funny. I had some girls from the ward tell me that they like my accent and how I have good features or something. Whatever....I'll take that hahaha. I love my ward, they're good people. I am known as "The Californian," awesome hahahaha.

Anyways, I wrote so much this time. I will try and get more pictures emailed to you guys.
I love you guys so much!!!!!!
-Elder Galvan
(PS-Can someone foward this to the Hafens...I don't have their email address, thanks!)

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