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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Day 42, Beg. of Week 7 (September 1st, 2014)

Hey everyone,

Gosh, I am so sorry about last week for not being able to write to you all. Well, the mission work is awesome as usual and I am so stoked to be able to work with people and get to know them and stuff. Well, I don't remember much about how last week was. I only wanted to just talk about all of the investigators we are teaching right now. So, I'll start with that and then talk some more about how things are going out here in Leganes, Madrid. 

With that said, my companion/trainer, Elder Parkinson and I have 6 investigators and 1 that is not yet one and another we had to drop. So, Paul and Fernanda who are about 30 years old plus or minus, with a little girl that is 4 years old named Angye, they are awesome! They were the first people I met with right off the start of my mission back in August 7, which was on a Thursday and I had entered the mission field officially on August 5th. Anyways, Paul and Fernanda are in the Spanish military and really love my companion and I. The awesome thing about them is they are always so generous by feeding us dinner and that's something members do. Most of the time investigators just listen to our lesson and then bye. So yeah, Paul and Fernanda are definitely progressing and are working towards getting baptized in the church. The only thing holding them back is how they go out of town for miltary stuff and can't come to church. 

Next, we have this other investigator named Edil. Edil is originally from Ecuador and has recently been reunited with his daughter Genesis in Spain. Genesis is not an investigator, but, she is interestedin hearing our lesssons since she sat in on the most recent one with Edil. Edil is awesome too! We are just trying to get him to come to church so he can get to know the members. He too is working towards the goal of getting baptized in our church. 

After that, we have another investigator named Sebastian. Sebastian is a 23 year old fighter for Spain, born in Colombia and his father is from Colombia and his mother is from Spain. Sebastian and I have a really good relationship and he calls me his little brother. He is a tank and is really ripped. He comes to church and other activities we invite him to. He is doing things at his pace with getting to know the church. I have high hopes for him.

Moreover, we have this other investigator named Gisela. Gisela goes to chruch in Barrio 5 and belongs to Barrio Leganes. She told us she wants to get baptized, but, in Barrio 5. So, I think the leaders in the stakes are talking about her and what to do about the whole baptism thing.

Lastly, our other investigator is a girl named Carina. Carina is 20 years old, born and raised in Getafe, Marid. Her parents are from Portugal and its pretty cool being able to have that blessing of getting to know her. Carina is the only investigator that I have been able to contact successfully from scratch. The other investigators are people my companion and his previous companion contacted or someone passed to us from other missionaries. So, its really cool Carina meets with us. My companion gives me credit for contacting her. And she has only been taught La Restauración and came to church yesterday. She is also friends with a family in our ward and comes to Family Home Evening activities every Monday. So yeah, we'll see how it goes with Carina.

And the other two poeple, James and Bryan. James is a 20 some year old kid that uses a wheelchair and his parents are from Africa. Its really cool how he speaks Spanish and is an African. I have never seen that in my life until I got here in Spain. James is not yet an investigator because he has only come to activities and does not want to come to church. Because of that, we are going to share the message of La Restauración and keep inviting him to church. Bryan, we had to drop because he claims he is atheist and keeps fighting with our lessons or doctrine we share with him. We have to drop him because he chooses not to progress and hopefully he'll change his mentality.

So, that's all the people we meet with during the week. Other than that, we have dinner apppointments with members or are proselyting on the road.

Besides all the investigators, this past summer there is this song called, "Bailando," by Enrique Eglesias, and has been pretty popular out here in Spain. I don't know if you guys know of that song, so that's why I am asking. 

I also love my personal study time. I have been learning so much from the Book of Mormon. Man its amazing how that is working out form me on my mission. And, I am also still learning the Spanish language. An interesting fact I thought you guys should know is that apparently, when people get married in Spain, the wife does not take the husband's last name. That is so cool! Shoot, I like that hahaha! That would be cool if I can marry a Spaniard from this country after the mission. Anyways, some of the people here refer to the Spanish language as Castellano. There are times when I am speaking English and some member from church catch me and tell me that I need to practice speaking in Castellano. I don't know the difference between Spanish and Castillian Spanish, but, I have been learing their kind of vocabulary lately. And, it sounds so cool to hear a Spaniard speaking Spanish with the theta and all. And, where you hear the Andalucians speak, you know its an Andalucian. They speak with a weird accent and eat the letter "s" in their speech. Imagine someone saying España, well when they say it it sounds like Epana. Weird hahaha, but, I still love it.

I also ate some Paella last week and Spanish tortillas. Man, paella is one of my favorite foods. And, the tortillas they call tortillas out here are nothing like the Mexican tortillas we use for burritos in So Cal. Its like this think tortilla made of patatas and other stuff. I can't describe it, its just different hahaha. Oh yeah, and potatoes here are called patatas.

And, I have not been able to take new pictures with my camera lately. My SD card got messed up and I am in the process of salvaging it. Due to that, since I need a SD card to use my camera, pics are inactive for now. However, I still have plenty of pics I have taken here and will still send them. As of now, when I fix the SD card or buy a new one, you will hear from me saying something about new pics. 

Well, thats all for now. I hope this letter is chunky enough for this week and makes up for last week hahaha.

I love you guys, hablaremos el proximo semana!

Un abrazo,
Elder Galvan

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