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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Its been about 10 days here in Spain. Week 2 in the CCM (July 31st, 2014)

Hello Everyone,

I am writing this big email to everyone so you know I am alright and stuff. I do not know where to start....

So, week one in the CCM (centro de capacitacion misonal de Espana) is like going to school out here. The CCM is pretty much controled by all the Spaniards. So we have Spanish teachers that teach us.

Ummmm, time has gone by so fast here. I will be leaving the CCM this Monday and then get transferred somewhere in Spain for my mission. So, right now I am living in Madrid. It´s a real cool place.

I am so glad that I got sent to the Spanish MTC compared to Provo because Spain has 6 different kind of languages that go on here. There is Spanish, French, Portuguese, Itialian, Russian, and Americans over here. It is so cool.. I got to practice some French with some of the French over here. And, the Spanish was given. Everyone thought I was a native or something from Spain. But, once they heard me speak, they found out that I was not from Spain, but, an American hahaha.

I really love the staff here in the CCM. They are so loving and just a different culture. All of them ask me all the time where are my parents from and stuff. And most of the staff are from Andalucia region in Spain, south part, and they tell me that I look like I have some features from there and that is why they ask me where my paraents are from.

Anyways, my favorite part of the CCM is the opportunity we have to actually have freedom to explore the Madrid area. We do not have too much freedom, but, we get to check out Madrid on free days like now. And, I am sure in Provo, Ut they can not do that.

I also got to ride on the Metro which is like a subway. And, we went to a huge park in Spain called El Parque del Retiro. It is like the size of Irvine Park over in the OC. And, I got to speak with many people in the park regarding the Gospel and the Book of Mormon.

I also made a promise to my Spanish idol, Hermano Gomez, who is a convert, served a mission, found a wife, and got married...and now is expecting a kid. Anyways, I told him that he and I have a lot in common since we are both converts to the church and the mission stuff. So,I told him that I am gonna have to get sealed in the Madrid Temple when that time comes so we can be similar to each other and I can say that he is my idol and stuff hahaha. He laughed at me and thought it was funny as heck.

But yeah, after the mission....who knows when, I am definitely getting married in the Madrid Temple. That is a goal. And, do not worry guys...I am not distracted out here. I put the mission first hahaha.

But man, the Spanish people are beautiful people. 

One more word....when I was at BYU , I never felt at home or anything. In California....yes, I have felt at home. As of now, I feel out home. I love that feeling. It will help me stay focused on my mission for the next 2 years. I also got this weird idea in my head.

I have been so touched by the great examples of the Spanish people who work in the CCM that now I want to be able to contribute back after my mission is over. Based on what I have heard, there is a possibility after the mission I may be able to work in the CCM. That would be super cool if I can. I still want to finish school and all...but, it makes sense though. I can not start school until January 2017. And I  will be back in July 2016. And, I am even more positive now that I am not going back to BYU for Fall 2016. So, that gives me about 6 months...plus or minus, where I need to apply to some Universities and in the meantime...I think working in the CCM would be really dope right after the mission. I´m not sure how that works, but, I defintiely want to do that now because of this great experience I have had here in the Spain Madrid MTC. Sooooooo....yeah, No BYU. Heavenly Father answered my prayer. I feel good.

Huff was right. The mission is making my mind more clearer hahaha.

Well, I don´t know what else to say. Please spread my email to others and tell them to write to me. I miss everyone hahahaha.

I love you mom. I love my family. I love you Huffs...everyone hahahaha.

God Bless and take care.

Elder Sal Angel Galvan

(ps...when you write back to me...send me a separate email and DO NOT reply to this group email hahah)


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