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Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Letter to everyone! (August 18th, 2014)

Hey everyone!!!!

So, its like the beginning of week 5 today over her in Leganes, Madrid. Day 27. Yup, time is really going by fast hahaha, jk. But hey, the mission is pretty fun.

So I have decided to write in this letter about how my daily routines function throughout the week. So, I get up at 7:30AM and do my exercise for 30 mins. then at 8 I make eatmeal and mix it with yogurt then I shower and get ready. At 9Am is personal study of the scriptures or lessons I need to prepare for investigators of the church. At 10AM is companionship study. At 11AM is language study, so I pretty much study out of a Spanish book of Spanish stuff I did in High School. I really get use Spanish when I get on the field and interact with the Spanish people. At 11:30AM is the missionary 12 week program which is my trainer just training me about missionary stuff. At 12:30PM we go proselyting until 2PM. And from 2-4PM is medio dia since the Spanish close up their businesses for 2 hours and we missionaries usually eat lunch then and just study a bit more of whatever it is we want to do. Then from 4PM to 10PM is proselyting or apts we have set with church members, investigators, service work, etc. And from 10PM to 11PM we plan real quick fro the day and then eat dinner. And at 11:30PM we go to bed. I live in an apartment called "pisos" in Spain, with 3 other missionaries who are all American.

In the Leganes ward, I have been getting to know more and more of the members. They are awesome people. It is so cool being out here in Spain and hearing church stuff in Spanish. I definitely have noticed improvement with the Spanish language.

Also this week, the city of Leganes is pretty crazy in the summer. A fair has been going on during the evenings and then hey have like mini parties in the plazas of Leganes. The only reason why I mention it is because in my piso during the night, I can hear all the noise and it is hard to sleep. But yeah, it is definitely different out here compared to the states.

Oh and the food over here is so awesome!!!!! I don't really know the names that well besides paella and empanadas and the awesome panaderia store that sells good sweet bread and other pastries. Besides that, they have this thing called Kebabs. You guys should look it up. Kebabs are pretty much meat sandwiches from Turkey and it is so good. Every thursday we pay 3 euros for 2 kebabs. Also, Dominos pizza has all you can eat pizza for 7 euros. But yeah, I really love the culture out here in Spain. Its so different hahaha.

I have also gotten used to dressing in my missionary attire, which is slacks with short sleeve dress shirt with tie and dress shoes. And that is 7 days a week! Awesome huh!?

Besides all of that, I had the opportunity to watch a running of the bulls event this morning and also went to this place called "Sol," which is in the Madrid area and a big time tourism place. There are also gypsies there that beg for money and I have heard stories of them stealing from tourists. It is a blessing here to be in Spain. This week was pretty much just development week with our investigators and getting to know the ward members of the church.

I love you guys and hope all is well! Adios!

Con Amor,
Elder Galvan

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